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How To Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

"I’m relatively healthy so why should I care about diabetes?”

It’s never too late to start making changes that will reduce your diabetes risk.


Diabetes Week at SiSU Health

How Men Can Combat Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in Australia, making it a critical focus for Men’s Health Week and beyond.


Mens health week at SiSU Health

Magic Round Health Check - FAQ

The Queensland Government is partnering with SiSU Health and Pathology Queensland to provide free health checks at NRL Magic Round.


Shane Warne Legacy Health Check

SiSU Health is proud to be supporting Shane Warne Legacy on their mission to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in Australia


New Wesfarmers Health and SiSU Health Partnership

Wesfarmers Health and SiSU Health are passionate about supporting Australians in their lifelong health and wellness journey.


SiSU Health Supporting Free Heart Health Checks in Regional Victoria

SiSU Health supports regional Victorian communities with Priceline's free Healthy Heart Checks


SiSU Health Checks and Gippsland Healthy Hearts Pilot featured in Weekly Times Opinion

SiSU Health Stations played a key role in medical health checks rolled out as part of a research study in rural Victoria


SiSU Health's Founder Noel Duncan on the Today Show

SiSU Health Stations providing Free Digital Health Checks to support the Australian population