The SiSU Health Online Portal

The SiSU Health Online Web Portal helps you monitor your health profile over time and highlights what targets you should be aiming for!

Track your health, hassle-free.

Whether you’re keeping an eye out for red flags or actively monitoring a health condition, the web portal provides the information, tools, and inspiration you need to be your best self.

View Past Health Checks

View all past Health Check data points to monitor change.

Benchmark Your Results

Easily compare your health results against national standards.

Complete The Online Health Assessment

Calculate your SiSU Health Score online for free with our 42+ question survey then see how you rank against national guidelines for your age and sex.

View Health Recommendations

Can't remember the recommendations from the Health Station? Well, the SiSU Health Portal has them all stored in a single place for you.

Access Past Data

The SiSU Health Online Portal gives you all your data points from past health checks which means you can track long-time trends.

Ready To Jump In?

The SiSU Health Online Portal is full of valuable insights, not just from the SiSU Health Station!

** Remember to always seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this portal and before making any medical decisions.

** The SiSU Health Portal is intended to display data collected by the SiSU Health Station. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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