Workplace health checks for your employees

Investing in your staff's health is a statement of care. Build towards a healthier and happier workplace with corporate health check ups that are quick, easy, and accurate

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SiSU Health has helped hundreds of businesses look after their employee health and wellbeing

SiSU Health has partnered with hundreds of businesses, large and small, assisting them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals and support their workforce with data insights that inform return on investment and health strategy direction.

We are a trusted preventative health service having completed more than 4.6 million health checks to date. 

Get a medical-grade automated self-serve SiSU Health Station placed in your workplace for unlimited corporate health checks for onsite staff

The same health checks available to hybrid and remote staff through our public station network across Australia

Access the free SiSU Health app to measure, track, and improve their health

Access to online health challenges, interactive tools, and simulators.

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What SiSU Health corporate health checks can offer your employees

Accurate health measures including

Blood pressure

Body fat

Body Mass Index


Diabetes Risk

Perceived Stress

Quick and easy health check ups in the workplace

One of the key factors in the success of our corporate health check is that they won’t derail your daily business operations.

Our Health Stations can be set up in any high-traffic area of your workplace and your staff can perform their checks on their own at any time that is convenient to them and each corporate health check only takes 4-5 minutes

Your employees get access to the free SiSU Health App

Your employees will not only get access to free health checks in the workplace, they will be able to view and track those results in the SiSU Health App.

In addition to giving them the results from each health check in their pocket, they will also get access to health challenges, tools, simulators and much more.

A complete corporate Health Check program for In-House and Remote Teams

The value of SiSU Health’s corporate health checks aren't limited to your employees that work from the office.

By enrolling with your company's initial SiSU Health campaign, remote and field employees gain access to our comprehensive network of over 300 stations across Australia.

This integration ensures that every member of your team, regardless of their work environment, benefits from the proactive wellness measures of SiSU Health checks. Plus, you'll receive detailed reporting on their health metrics, fostering an inclusive wellness program that embraces the diversity of your workforce.

Corporate health check data delivers smarter workplace strategy

In addition to a more informed and healthier workforce and boosted morale and productivity, your business will receive customised reports about the health and wellbeing of your employees that includes:

  • Organisational Health Profile
  • Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis
  • Global Industry Benchmarking
  • Productivity Cost Analysis
  • Participant Satisfaction (NPS)
  • Additional custom insights on your SiSU Health Station
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